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Prejean and pageant executive Keith Lewis spoke out on allegations regarding

Following a week of bitter feuds, former Miss California Carrie Prejean and pageant executive Keith Lewis spoke out on allegations regarding the beauty queen's firing.

Lewis told FOX News' Kimberly Guilfoyle on Geraldo at Large that he denies Prejean was fired over her political views and rebukes any report that her departure was the direct result of his actions.

"She was fired after everyone exhausted their patience and exhauste! d their abilities to keep giving her forgiveness," said Lewis.

Lewis says Donald Trump, owner of the Miss USA pageant, looked at the

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facts and came to the conclusion that the situation was not working â€" especially after she was given a second chance after partial nude photos surfaced last month.

"The hardest thing about firing her was that I believe it was exactly what they w! anted. This script wouldn't even sell in Hollywood it's so unb! elievabl e. And since I have nothing to gain from firing her, and she has everything to gain to say it's her beliefs that got her fired that's why we're hearing this story," said Lewis.

Lewis agreed that Prejean didn't 'miss' any appearances â€" but says she didn't agree to any.

Prejean, who also appeared on Geraldo at Large, stood by her belief she was stripped of her title due to her political views.

"They are not going to tell the truth on a lot of things. I've heard I've missed 52 missed appearances. Since the press coverage was only a month ago, that would be two a day," said Prejean.

She also alleges Lewis asked her to give him a "response in writing" over taking a Playboy partial nudity photo shoot, a request that "absolutely shocked" her.

Prejean also said Lewis would not allow her to do things she wanted, such as the Special Olympics, forci! ng her to call Trump daily.

"Donald Trump was tired of being in the middle," said Prejean.

Prejean came under fire for her answer to a question about gay marriage two months ago in the Trump-owned Miss USA pageant, in which she was the runner-up. After the pageant, Prejean was continuously attacked as she defended her belief that gays and lesbians should not be given the right to marry in California. She became embroiled in more controversy when racy pictures of her were published that some construed as violations of her Miss California contract.

Simon Cowell already has helped launch quite a few musical careers

Simon Cowell already has helped launch quite a few musical careers -- from Susan Boyle to Leona Lewis to pretty much anyone on "American Idol" to an extent -- but now, he is setting his sights on a certain "Twilight" star by the name of Robert Pattinson.

Pattinson certainly does have some musical talent (he plays both the piano and guitar), but he is also is a little wary of taking the first offer out there from a big-name producer. A source told British publication The Sun that "Robert is reluctant to be turned into a pop star - and takes his music very seriously...He is a bit wary of signing up with Cowell who is, of course, associated with 'X Factor' and pop."

The paper also reports that, thanks to Cowell's involvement, there is now a bidding war breaking out over who gets to produce Pattinson's music. The kicker? These are all just offers, since the actor has yet to show that he's really that into going out on tour. Many big-name stars have attemp! ted a musical career in the past, and while some (Jamie Foxx) ! found su ccess others (Scarlett Johansson) floundered.

Do you think Robert Pattinson could be both a great singer and actor? Let me know your thoughts with a comment and stay tuned for more

****Odhani Rang Badaliti**** 12 Oct 2010|Watch Online Colout Tv Drama Full Episode 12 October 2010|

Odhani Rang Badaliti 12 Oct 2010|Watch Online Colout Tv Drama Full Episode 12 October 2010|Part1

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Microsoft Office 2011 14.0.0 Final for Mac

Microsoft Office 2011 14.0.0 Final for Mac | 910.84 MB
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Toonpur Ka Super Hero: Movie Review, Ajay Devgn & Kajol Wallpapers

Toonpur Ka Super Hero is an upcoming Bollywood 3-D animated film written by Raaghi Bhatnagar and directed by Kireet Khurana. The film Toonpur Ka Super Hero stars Ajay Devgan and Kajol in the lead role. Aditya (Ajay Devgan) is a reel life hero. He accidentally lands into Toonpur, the land of cartons where he eventually transforms into a real life hero. Toonpur is divided into two groups, Devtoons and Toonasurs. Devtoons are the good guys of Toonpur while Toonasurs are the bad guys. Both the groups are at constant war with each other. With the entry of super action hero, Aditya, Devtoons decide to seek his help and take him to Toonpur. But things do not turn out as simple for Devtoons as they had thought. Toonasurs have something big in hand. A sci-fiction action-adventure flick, ‘Toonpur Ka Superhero’ promises to deliver lots of fun. Toonpur Ka Super Hero will be released on 24th December, 2010. Check out Toonpur Ka Super Hero Movie Review, Ajay Devgn & Kajol Wallpapers, Toonpur Ka Super Hero Movie Wallpapers, Toonpur Ka Super Hero Movie Photos, Toonpur Ka Super Hero Movie Pics & Toonpur Ka Super Hero Movie Images.

Ajay Devgn & Kajol's Toonpur Ka Super Hero Movie Cast & Crew:
Star Cast: Ajay Devgn as Aditiya Kumar, Kajol as Priya Devgan, Tanuja as Mrs. Devgan Amey Pandya as Kabeer, Sanjai Mishra as Shyam, Delnaaz Paul as Ramola, Mukesh Tiwari as Inspector Kitkite, Raza Murad in Special Appearance.
Director : Kireet Khurana.
Action Director :Jack Gill.
Writer : Raagi Bhatnagar.
Music Director : Anu Malik.
Cinematography : Nirmal Jani
Language : Hindi
Banner : Big Screen Entertainment, Climb Media.
Genre : Action, Children, Family, Animation.
Release Date : 24 December 2010.

Ajay Devgn & Kajol's Toonpur Ka Super Hero Movie Wallpapers (Free Download)

Toonpur !  Ka Super Hero Movie WallpapersToonpur Ka Super Hero Movie WallpapersToonpur Ka Super Hero Movie WallpapersToonpur Ka Super Hero Movie Wallpapers

Five Reasons to Tune in to the 2010 Country Music Awards

Blake Shelton- Carrie Underwood -Jason Aldean -Kelly Clarkson-Luke Bryan Martina- McBride -Melissa Etheridge-Miranda Lambert -Taylor Swift-Trace Adkins: It seems that yesterday, but already 44-th of Country Music Awards on stage again in Nashville on Nov. 10. There are many expect this year's event. Here is my list of five reasons to get excited in 2010, awards for country music.

Kelly Clarkson / Jason Aldean: Jason Aldean can keep good company. His latest single, a duet with none other than Kelly Clarkson. Clarkson and Aldean will be on stage together performing their duet, "do not want you to stop, according to entertainment reports.

Vs. Miranda Lambert Miranda Lambert Miranda Lambert poor, success is almost cut yourself! Country Music Awards in 2010 in the category Single song of the year, "House built by me" and "White Liar", as against themselves. Will normally be administered twice to double the! ir chances of winning, but I think that Lady Antebellum or Blake Shelton / Trace Adkins could play spoiler.

Lady Antebellum: Speaking of the trio, I'm totally happy to see those three at the ceremony of Country Music Awards. Moreover, they were designed for one year, they also got the green light for Vocal Group and Artist of the Year. You will find that they broke into the latter category, which for some reason, it is posting on CMA (no vocal group, the slightly less entertaining than print?).

Zac Brown Band: a newcomer to the scene I'm glad Zac Brown Band. Look for them to accept the award for new artists on similar, Chris Young, Easton Corbin, Jerrod Niemann, and Luke Bryan.

Reba McEntire: I love Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride. All four of these ladies would be great to watch and listen for years to come. However, I hope Reba takes the brave home female vocalist of the year. Maybe Reba had set new records! for years, but I hope she wins this year! I know his older fa! ns would like even more when he was school all these young people for the last time. (McBride is not so young, but still less than the Reba.)

For Victor spoils, and even if all these candidates / Artists win, they still have much to proud to be even nominated for the 2010 Awards for country music. We'll see!

BJP deputy leader in the Lok Sabha Gopinath Munde is all set to join the Congress as the state

Using Internet and setting up my own web site was not part of my dreams until recently. And here I am presenting to you my web site. This sudden and speedy change brings me the happiness and gladdens me to note that you have spared your precious time to share my joy. I need not tel! l you that we in Bharatiya Janata Party are anxious to learn and practise what is in the interest of the people and the nation.

BJP leader Gopinath Munde, who is sulking over certain decisions of the party leadership, today ruled out quitting the party and said he has put across his "grievances" to the party top brass.

Munde, who met leader of the opposition in the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj, told reporters that reports of his quitting the party were incorrect.

"I am in BJP. I will remain in BJP. News that I am quitting are wrong," he said emerging from his meeting with Swaraj.

In reply to a question, he ! said that he has put across his as well as the "grievances" of! his sup porters across to the party top brass.

On his meeting with Swaraj, he said two days back when he had met the BJP leadership to express his sentiments, the Leader of Opposition was not present. "I told her what I had said then," he said.

He said it was likely that he may meet other BJP leaders on the issue.

When asked about the solution to the issues raised by him, he said it was upto the leadership to find one.

"He has put his grievances at an appropriate place," swaraj said.

Asked about his 'meetings' with Congress leaders amid reports that he may join that party, Munde said he has never met Ahmed Patel, the political secretary to the Congress President. He also scoffed at suggestions that he was in touch with Maharashtra chief minister Prithviraj Chavan amid his! talks with BJP leaders.

Sources said while party chief Nitin Gadkari wants to remove Munde's man Pandurang Phundkar and appoint Vinod Thawade in his place as Leader of the Opposition in Maharashtra Vidhan Parishad, Munde is not ready to concede this.

Gopinath Munde. Gopinath Munde. posted by Jagdish Bhawsar at 9:30 PM. Labels: Gopinath Munde photo image cartoon caricature jagdish bhawsar. Reactions: 0 comments: Post a Comment · Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments

BJP Manifesto 2009 Feature! s
LokSabha 2009

Refuting NCP chief Sharad Pawar's allegation about RSS involvement in Nanded blast, BJP General Secretary Gopinath Munde on Tuesday said the organisation was "in no way connected with the case".

Former Deputy Chief Minister Gopinath Munde, who along with Pramod Mahajan had steered the BJP in Maharashtra for the past over two decades, will for the first time seek entry into the national politics from Beed Lok Sabha seat.

  • Putting Poor First !
  • Economy Grows, India prospers
  • War Against Enimies within and without
  • Jai Jawan In Action
  • Energy Saved, Energy Gained
  • Women Empowered, Nation strengthened
  • Young India, Nations Pillar
  • Nation's Health, People's Wealth
  • Defend! ing The Civilisation ! < /li>
  • Creating The Right Environment
  • Sinior citizens
  • Privileging The Underprivileged

Beed Manifesto

Photo Gallery 2009

Gopinath! Munde Impresses Huge Audiences In Vidrabha (5th April 2009)

Gopinath Munde Filed Nomination For Loksabha (1st April 2009)


ចាត់áž'ុកថា ជា​áž"áž…áŸ'ចេកáž'áŸ! ážŸâ€‹áž˜áž½áž™â€‹ážŠáŸâ€‹áž›áŸ'អ​សមáŸ'រាáž"់​ជូáž"​គូសáŸ'áž"េហ៍ ដែល​តáŸ'រៀម​ដឹក​ដៃ​គáŸ'áž"ា​áž'áŸ'វើការ​ងារ​សិច​ជា​លើកដំáž"ូង áž²áŸ'យ​វា​រំភើáž"​ចងចាំ​មិáž"​ភáŸ'លេច áŸ" សូម​សាកលáŸ'áž"ង​áž'áŸ'វើតាម​ការណែáž"ាំ​ដូចខាងកáŸ'រោម​áž"េះ ៖
ហាម​ផáŸ'តោត​គោលដៅ​áž'ុក​មុáž" : áž"ៅកáŸ'áž"ុង​យáž"់áž"ោះ​អáŸ'áž"ក​áž'ាំងពីរ​មិáž"គួរ​ផáŸ'តោត​គោលដៅ​áž'ុក​មុáž"​áž"ោះឡើយ áž–áŸ'រោះ​វា​មាáž"​ផលáž"៉ះពាល់​ដល់​អារមáŸ'មណ៍​យ៉ាងáž'áŸ'áž„áž"់áž'áŸ'áž„ážš កáŸ'រោយពេល​អáŸ'áž"ក​áž'ាំងពីរ​មិáž"áž"ាáž"​áž'ៅដល់â€! ‹áž…ំណុច ដែល​ខáŸ'លួáž"ឯង​áž"៉ុ! áž"áž"០‰áž„​áž'ុក áŸ" កតáŸ'តា​សំខាáž"់​មួយáž'ៀត គឺ​រាតáŸ'រី​ដំáž"ូង​áž"ែáž"áž"េះ គូសáŸ'áž"េហ៍​ក៏​មិáž"គួរ​ចាត់áž'ុកថា គួរ​មាáž"អីៗ​ជាមួយគáŸ'áž"ា​ពេញ​មួយ​យáž"់​áž"ោះដែរ áž–áŸ'រោះ​សកមáŸ'មភាព​áž"ែáž"áž"េះ អាចáž'áŸ'វើ​ឲáŸ'យ​ឲáŸ'យ​áž"៉ះពាល់​áž'ាំង​សុខភាព​រាងកាយ áž"ិង​សមតáŸ'ថភាព​ផáŸ'លូវភេáž'​áž"ាáž" áŸ"​
មáž'áŸ'យោáž"ាយ​យ៉ាង​លáŸ'អ​áž"ំផុត​អáŸ'áž"ក​áž'ាំងពីរ គួរតែ​áž'áŸ'វើដំណើរ​សិច​áž'ៅតាម​áž'មáŸ'មជាតិ áž–áŸ'រោះ​វា​ជួយ​ឲáŸ'យ​អារមáŸ'មណ៍ អáŸ'áž"ក​áž'ាំងពីរ​áž"ាáž"​រំភើáž"​សá! Ÿ'រៀវ​សáŸ'ážšáž¾áž"​ពិតៗ មិáž"​កáŸ'លែងáž"áž"áŸ'លំ​áž'áŸ'វើ​ឲáŸ'យ​រសជាតិ áž"ៅកáŸ'áž"ុង​រាតáŸ'រី​áž"ោះ​ជិត​ជាáž"់​áž"ៅកáŸ'áž"ុង​អារមáŸ'មណ៍​ជា​áž"áŸ'រវតáŸ'តិសាសáŸ'តáŸ'រ​ក៏​ថា​ áž"ាáž" áŸ"​
áž'áŸ'វើ​អáŸ'វី​ឲáŸ'យ​áž"áŸ'លែក​ជាង​ពេលមុáž"ៗ : មាáž"​គូសáŸ'áž"េហ៍​ជាចáŸ'ážšáž¾áž"​ហើáž"មាត់​សáŸ'ងើចសរសើរ​ថា áž™áž"់áž"ោះ​ជាយ​áž"់​ពិសេស​ហួស​ពី​ការ​គិតដល់ កáŸ'រោយពេល​ពួកគេ​áž'ាំងពីរ​áž"ាក់​áž'ាត់ចោល​áž'ំáž"ៀម​ចាស់ គំរឹល​ដែល​áž'áŸ'លាáž"់áž'áŸ'វើ​កáž"áŸ'លងមក áŸ" ចំណុច​áž"េះ​គáŸ'មាáž"អáŸ'ážœáž! ¸â€‹áž–áž·áž"ាក​áž'ាល់តែសោះ áž–áŸ'រោ! ះ​ហ"áž…áŸ'áž…áž»áž"áŸ'áž"áž"áŸ'áž"áž"េះ​មាáž"​ឯកសារ​ចំណេះដឹង​ពាក់ព័áž"áŸ'áž' áž'ៅáž"ឹង​រឿង​ភេáž'​ចáŸ'ážšáž¾áž"ណាស់ តáŸ'រូវáž"ាáž"​ផáŸ'សពáŸ'វផáŸ'សាយ​អáž"់រំ​យ៉ាង​សមáŸ'áž"ូរáž"ែáž" សុáž'áŸ'áž'​តែមាáž"​លកáŸ'ខណៈ​áž"áŸ'លែក​áž'ៀតផង áŸ"​
សáž"áŸ'សំ​កមáŸ'លាំង​តáŸ'រៀម​áž'ុក : áž'ោះáž"ីជា​ការតáŸ'រៀម​កមáŸ'លាំង​áž'ុក​មុáž" សáŸ'រាáž"់តែ​ដល់​ថáŸ'ងៃáž"ោះ​តមáŸ'រូវ​ឲáŸ'យ​អáŸ'áž"ក​áž'ាំងពីរ​លុáž"ចោល​កា​រងារ​ផáŸ'លូវភេáž'​ មួយរយៈ​សិáž" áŸ" កáŸ'áž"ុងពេល​អាក់ខាáž"​áž"ោះ áž'áŸ'វើ​ឲáŸ'យ​អារមáŸ'មណ៍​អáŸ'áž"ក​áž'ាំងពីរâ! €‹áž˜áž·áž"សូវ​លáŸ'អ​áž"ៅកáŸ'áž"ុង​ខáŸ'លួáž"​ខáŸ'លះៗ áž"៉ុáž"áŸ'តែ​យើង​អាច​áž'ាáž"ាáž"ាáž"​ថា áž"ៅពេល​អáŸ'áž"ក​áž"ញáŸ'áž…áž"់​ការងារ​រវល់​ហើយៗ អារមáŸ'មណ៍​ភេáž'​ដែល​អáŸ'áž"ក​áž"ាáž"​រកáŸ'សាáž'ុក​អស់​មួយរយៈ​ពេល​មក​áž"ោះ វា​áž"ឹង​រោល​ដុត​ឲáŸ'យ​អáŸ'áž"ក​ពុះកញáŸ'ជáŸ'រោល កáŸ'លៀវកáŸ'លា​áž"ំផុត​ពេលដែល​អáŸ'áž"ក​áž'ាំង​ពីរ áž"ើក​យុáž'áŸ'áž'áž"ាការ​áž"ៅលើ​គáŸ'រែ​áž"ោះ ៕

Hot, Pretty and Sexy Thai Model girl, Aff Tuksorn

Hot, Pretty and Sexy Thai Model girl, Aff Tuksorn
Hot, Pretty and Sexy Thai Model girl, Aff Tuksorn

Namitha at Yoga Home Practice Companion in Black

Namitha at Home Practice Companion

Namitha(born as Namita kapoor on May 10, 1980 in a Punjabi-speaking Kapoor family in Surat, Gujarat, India is an Indian! actress, who has appeared in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam & English films.

Namitha at Home Practice Companion

Namitha at Home Practice Companion

Namitha at Home Practice Companion

Namitha at Home Practice Companion

Namitha at Home Practice Companion

Namitha at Home Practice Companion

Namitha at Home Pr!  actice Companion

Namitha at Home Practice Companion